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You have found Kyle Givler's Personal Homepage. There isn't much to explore here right now, but check back in the future and I am sure you will find something amazing! While you are waiting for this site to become amazing may I suggest checking out the following:

About me

I am quickly expanding my knowledge of C# with the ultimate goal of gaining employment as a developer. I have experience with C#, Visual Studio, Git, SQL Server, Dapper, and .NET. I am currently expanding my web development skills and learning ASP.NET, Blazor, Entity Framework, HTML and CSS. My dream job is anything working with C# including full stack web development. I have started a portfolio of my work here:

Currently I am succeeding in a Project Coordinator role. My responsibilities include loading Oracle Xstore POS software using Linux thin clients, vSphere for managing VMs, coordinating third party vendors for installation of POS hardware. I also provide help desk type support to new, relocating and remodeled stores. I have a passion for technology, I learn quickly, enjoy learning and sharing what I know.

I am willing to work remotely or relocate.

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